Your Mount Laurel Martial Arts Girl – tests for 3rd degree black belt

Your Mount Laurel Martial Arts Girl – tests for 3rd degree black belt
Your Mount Laurel Martial Arts Girl – tests for 3rd degree black belt

MOUNT LAUREL NJ — Alexandra K. Liciaga, 16, tested for her third-degree black belt in Tang Soo Do at Dinoto Karate Center.

She was judged by owners and operators of Dinoto Karate Center, Master Michael Dinoto (6th Dan) and Erika Dinoto (4th Dan) along with Master Peter Liciaga (5th Dan), Master Gabremedhin (4th Dan), Master R Gabremedhin (4th Dan), Mr. Trevor Cline (3rd Degree).

Ms. Liciaga started training martial arts at the age of two and earned her first-degree black belt when she was eight and her second-degree when she was eleven-years old.

“I am very proud of my daughter and her commitment to martial arts, her training and to passing on the knowledge to others.” – Master Peter Liciaga, Your Mount Laurel Martial Arts Guy

Ms. Liciaga’s 3rd Degree Essay:

Rocks and Dirt: How does my martial arts experience relate to other life experiences?

Life is a road littered with obstacles. Rocks and dirt get in the way, making the long journey more challenging. There are wildflowers along the edge and newly paved street not too far ahead. Life doesn’t get easier and the road doesn’t get clearer. You simply grow stronger and smarter. You find what makes you happy and work hard at what you love. Martial arts is very much the same way. As you advance from white belt to yellow, to gold, and orange…all the way to black belt and beyond, it only becomes more challenging and more exciting to work at.

On the training floor, there will always be things that are more challenging than others. For instance, it may take longer to master pushups than jumping jacks. And Jin-Do may take a lot more practice to learn than Basic Form 1. Working hard at learning techniques is very similar to the work ethic and motivation required to succeed in the real world. In school, you need to keep up with work by studying and doing homework to get good grades. In the work field, you need to strive hard to prove to your boss that you really want the job and can do it better than anyone else. In everything you do in life, you need to work hard and do your best to get through.

Setting goals is something that is very important to do in both karate and everything else that you do. Without setting the amount of pushups you want to be able to do by the end of the month, you don’t have a goal to work towards. It is the same with any other subject in school or any sport, if you don’t set a goal, you aren’t working to reach anything. You aren’t growing and getting stronger. Without a mark to reach for, you’ll reach your goal every single time no matter what. The most important part of any experience is what you take away from it, what you learn. It is how that experience adds to who you are and how it helps shape you as a person.

Ultimately, life experiences are not so different from martial arts. In life there will be things that frustrate you and drive you to your limits, pushing you to work your hardest. And in martial arts, there are things that are harder to do and you need to push yourself to accomplish what you want. Hard work pays off in everything, including martial arts. Karate has taught me valuable lessons and is a great outlet for me. I love learning how I can do better and I will always strive to apply what I’ve learned on the floor to every single aspect of my life. I have to continue to work hard, enjoying and getting through every challenge thrown my way.