What Martial Arts Mean To Me? – Vegan Karate Girl

What Martial Arts Mean To Me? – Vegan Karate Girl
Why I’m so excited about martial arts..? 🙂

@ Lohja, Finland, 06.05.2018

Few good videos by Jesse Enkamp:

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From May 2013 until July 2016 I traveled around the world with my kids and hubby! Europe, West Africa, North America and Central America I drove through with my Suzuki V-Strom 650 also known as Suzi The Pussy Ride! Colombia I explored with an old Mazda323, but then my girls had enough of driving and 2016 we adventured through Europe by foot, train and bicycle! Now back in Finland enjoying martial arts and countryside living and hopefully soon continuing the world trip by bicycles… 😀

Vegan since about 2004 and never going back! This is a lifestyle, not a diet!

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