Top 10 MMA Female Fighters That Are Too Hot To Handle

Top 10 MMA Female Fighters That Are Too Hot To Handle
Top 10 MMA Female Fighters That Are Too Hot To Handle


Ever heard of MMA? Of course you have seen buff guys fighting each other in a ring and bleeding profusely from the injuries inflicted. You have obviously clapped and cheered for the boys, it’s a true spectacle after all! But the invasion of women in the sport changed this scenario a great deal. We don’t mean there wasn’t blood, there was but watching women fight gives a different kind of thrill, right? Maybe we shouldn’t deviate from their fighting abilities but let’s face it, a lot of us watch women fights for the hot beauties only! Not the best of statements to make but an honest one so you can silently agree and allow us to present to you 10 of the hottest female fighters!

Number 10. Michelle Waterson
Number 9. Juli Firso
Number 8. Rachel Wray
Number 7. Pearl Gonzalez
Number 6. Heather Hardy
Number 5. Paige Vanzant
Number 4. Aleksandra Albu
Number 3. Felice Herrig
Number 2. Anastasia Yankova
Number 1. Mackenzie Dern

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