Skills of a Martial Arts World Champion – JJ Golden Dragon

Skills of a Martial Arts World Champion – JJ Golden Dragon
Skills of a Multi World Champion Martial Arts
.JJ GOLDEN DRAGON World Champion & Actress
Jesse-Jane from Ierland is the fighter with the most Champion titles in the World
(April 2017 JJ got now 283 Champion titles unther her belt incl 21 times World Champion)
October 2016
Jesse-Jane (10) currently holds over 240 martial arts titles and is 14 times World Champion and 12 times European Champion. Other titles include 9 times Double WAKO World Champion, 6 times WKC World Champion, WKC Youngest Female World Champion, 3 times WOMMA World Champion.
And she has just taken part in a Anti Bullying Campaig for UFC.
Jesse-Jane was the youngest ever World Champion in Kickboxing and Karate at age 7 and the youngest female champion in the World Kendo Championship.
Jesse-Jane McParland was also twice Female Sports Atlete of the Year.

Extreme Martial Arts
Musical Forms
Shaolin Kung Fu / Wushu
Traditional Karate

JJ is honored as M A Expert with the official title “JJ Golden Dragon” (Gold Dragon is the highest title as Grandmaster in Shaolin Kung Fu / Wushu

`JJ Golden Dragon
Jesse-Jane in China comparing with Bruce Lee
JJ entertains millions of her fans in China
Monday, 13 February 2017
JJ entertains millions of her fans in China.
The Keady martial arts sensation has just returned from a trip to China where she appeared on one of the country’s biggest television shows.
JJ opened the show on Hunan TV with one of her demonstrations which has already led to a number of Chinese people comparing her with the legendary Bruce Lee.
After the demonstration she did an interview with the help of a translator in front of the 600-strong studio audience and her performance has led to programme chiefs begging her to come back for a longer period in the near future.


Ulster Gazette – News – JJ’s star power wows Hollywood
August 16, 2016 Read all here…..

Keady’s JJ McParland in LA where she has met up with Hollywood movie studio
bosses.BRITAIN’S Got Talent star Jesse Jane McParland is on the verge of
becoming a star of the big screen.

Since the 10 year-old burst unto our screens in the last series of BGT millions of people around the world have witnessed her extraordinary talent.
And now studio bosses in LA are desperate to get JJ signed up to star in the movies.
The Keady girl, along with her dad Gary enjoyed an all-expenses-paid trip to La La Land last week to meet with a major Holywood studio. The pair were joined on the trip by JJ’s management team of Brooke Kinsella and Brian Gersh and while they are keeping tight-lipped for now it’s understood major developments are in
the pipeline very soon.
It’s been a whirlwind time for Jesse Jane since her Britain’s Got Talent appearances.

Millions of people around the world have viewed the online videos of her competitions, she has been in constant demand for public appearances and has even appeared on the Ellen Show. On top of this she has received numerous offers from major advertising agencies to front national campaigns for a host of different products.

Jesse-Jane was also acting before in 3 movies as The Martial Arts Kid 2015 (age 8) with Don “Dragon” Wilson (11 times World Champion Kickboxing) and Awakening (age 9) (end 2017 release date(and a television serie (with Nick Frost – Into The Badlads)
Nick Frost vs JJ Golden Dragon

Jeremy Miller (AWAKENING)
In enhancement, he will certainly likewise be playing a starring function in the forthcoming scary thriller, Awakening (2017)which will certainly likewise include Teri McMinn, Jesse-Jane McParland as well as Duy Beck as participants of the major actors, as well as in the funny, Mariguana (2017).

On this moment is in productiob a Hollywood Blockbuster Movie with JJ Golden Dragon in the leading role.

Fight scene
into The Badlands JJ Golden Dragon