Martial Arts vs Bullying | Success is the Best Revenge

Martial Arts vs Bullying | Success is the Best Revenge ► Martial arts training is a powerful and positive way to fight against bullying. Martial Arts training is not all about fighting, it’s more about developing confidence in which to walk away from trouble. This is a motivational martial arts film.

Although this is a fictional story martial arts training can really make a difference. Take up a martial art today, better yet find out more about our range of classes at the London Wing Chun Academy that include Wing Chun, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and San Da Kickboxing. You’ll be amazed at the changes you will experience.

You will be fitter stronger and more capable for self defence, that is our motivational moto. This is a short motivational film shows the martial arts journey of one young man.The story is going to focus on taking action against bullying by learning martial arts and build self confidence.

Follow our main character as he develops in confidence from a weak looking victim into a strong confident young man. You’ll see how with progressive training provided at the London Wing Chun Academy his body changes and becomes more muscular.

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