Martial Arts Girls Fighting Warwick NY

Martial Arts Girls Fighting Warwick NY
Visit for more information on Taekwondo, Hapkido, Martial Arts, Weapons, Fitness, Nutrition, meditation and more. For the past 20 years our dedicated family has provided this community with a place to connect with their family and friends to have an amazing Martial Arts Experience. We love teaching martial arts. United Martial Arts Centers Instructors are patient and enthusiastic and teach each class as if it were the last class they will ever teach. We care about every student. You may already know that United Martial Arts Centers teaches Taekwondo, weapons, meditation and Kickboxing, but did you know that we also focus on character development skills. At UMAC we also have an After School program with transportation provided that is staffed by two certified middle school teachers and a full day summer camp. United Martial Arts Centers was voted 1st place BEST Martial Arts School in the Hudson Valley 2013 and 2014 Times Herald Record Readers Choice Award.
Our dedicated family provides this community an unforgettable place to connect with your family and friends to have fun and an amazing martial arts experience

Our goal is to inspire guide and educate our students to improve physically, mentally and spiritually through self discovery so they can develop a peaceful mind and live with forever happiness
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Grand Master Edmund Ciarfella

United Martial Arts Centers

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