Kubra Top Muslim Girl Fighter Martial Art

Kubra Top Muslim Girl Fighter Martial Art
Both secular and ultra conservative commentators have weighed in on Kubra Dagli’s use of a head scarf while practicing taekwondo.

When it comes to taekwondo, Kubra Dagli is one of the best on the planet. She recently won a gold medal at the world championships in Lima, Peru, but the fact that she wears a hijab has ignited controversy in her home country of Turkey.

The state of Turkey is a secular one and as such, some commentators believe religious garments do not have a place in professional sport. In fact until 2013, there was a polarising ban preventing women from wearing head scarves in state offices in place.

However the most vitriolic remarks have come from the very conservative side of the debate, with 20-year-old Dagli being inundated with at times crass and vulgar comments on social media.
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