Jesse Jane McParland “JJ Golden Dragon” at WAKO World Championship Belgrade 2015

Jesse Jane McParland “JJ Golden Dragon” at WAKO World Championship Belgrade 2015
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Put Bruce Lee,, Jet Li, Jacky Chan, Chuck Norris, a Shoalin Monk, a Samoerai, a Ninja, a Golden Dragon, World Champions in Martial Arts and a Little Princess togetther and you got Jesse-Jane McParland

She is
The Karate Kid
The Martial Arts Kid
The Taekwondo Kid
The (Shaolin) Kung Fu Kid
The Kickbox Kid
The Sword Fight Kid
The Weapons Kid
The Extremely Martial Arts Kid
The Point Fight Kid

July 2016
220 titles in various Martial Arts
12 times World Champion
11 times Europeam Champion

She got 172 titles in Martial Arts
9 Times European Champion
11 Times World Champion
She got also the highest Chinese martial arts title “Golden Dragon”.
Martial Arts Styles:
XTREME martial arts /WEAPONS /Fourms
Kung fu Tae Kwon do / kickboxing points fighting
/ traditional karate
She was acting in The Martial Arts Kid 2015
She got one of the leading rolls in a Hollywood Movie “Awaking” nov 2016
She got a leding roll in a other movie (2015)

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JJ „Golden Dragon“

Martial artist / actress
JJ Golden Dragon
Miss Jesse-Jane mc Parland
Achievment in Competition:
2013 – WKC WORLD CHAMPION plus 2 silver/ WOMAA 3 times world champion and grand champion 2 times irish open champion
2014 – 5 times wkc world champion plus 1silver/ 9 times European WOMAA CHAMPION and grand champion
2 times irish open champion
2014 – WAKO 2times world champion
Other Achievements: female sports personally of the year
172 titles to date
Cast member of the martial arts kid movie
Cast member of the movie awakening due to be filmed 2015
Lead part in the movie too many tears due to be filmed sept 2015
Youngest female W.K.C World Champion age 7
PSKL USA champion 3 times
9 times all Ireland champion kickboxing and Tae Kwon d
14 times Northern Ireland champion and 2 times grand champion
Prefered technic:
Extreme martial arts
A quote what represents my lifestyle:
Not every girl dreams of being a princes

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Note: Jesse-Jane was already acting (2015) in 3 movies as The Martial Arts Kid 2015, and starring alongside Zac Efron in the upcomming horror / thriller movie Awakening (2016) Release at 31 october 2016 USA