Jade Xu – The World Wushu Champion & Impressive Martial Artist

Jade Xu – The World Wushu Champion & Impressive Martial Artist
The Champion:
Jade’s rigorous training in the Chinese Martial Arts (Wushu) started at the tender age of six under the strict guidance of her mother and master Xu Guan Guan, which eventually led her to an outstanding career filled with international victories and global recognition as one of the most accomplished female Wushu athletes in the world.

The Actress:
After Jade concluded her successful athletic career, she moved on in her pursuit for artistic challenges by initiating a career as an actress. Since then, she has played in european and chinese Film and TV productions and is known for her portrayal of strong women in productions such as the chinese martial arts blockbuster ‘Tai Chi Zero’ & ‘Tai Chi Hero’, the popular chinese tv series ‘The Legend of Wing Chun’ and the leading role in Cirque Du Soleil’s hit show, ‘Michael Jackson ONE’.

The Coach:
Jade holds the 5th Duan (Masters Degree) of Wushu and has been an assistant coach for the martial arts school of her mother since the age of 14. Over more than a decade, she has taught a large number of students of all ages and gave numerous national and international seminars.

Jade has also produced a number of online video tutorials in order to continue her contribution in the promotion and develpement of the Wushu Sport. Since then, her tutorials have become a learning tool for hundreds of thousands martial arts practitioners around the world.

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