Female Martial Arts Fighter Livie Gluchowska Shows Amazing Moves

Female Martial Arts Fighter Livie Gluchowska Shows Amazing Moves
‘It’s good for girls to look up to someone other than the Kardashians’: UFC champion Ronda Rousey is credited for the rise of Australian women in combat sports

UFC undefeated champion Ronda Rousey is inspiring Australian women
Over a thousand women have taken part in martial arts at a Melbourne gym
Jujitsu champion Livie Gluchowska said Ronda Rousey is great for the sport
Ms Gluchowska said Rousey is an inspiration to all young women
Following the path of UFC undefeated champion Ronda Rousey, a group of Australian women are also proving to be a force to be reckoned in the martial arts industry.

From MMA to Jujitsu, over a thousand women have taken part in martial arts classes at a Melbourne gym this year – many of them winning medals for mastering a combat sport.

Two-time world Brazilian Jujitsu champion and part-owner of Absolute MMA in South Yarra, Livie Gluchowska said women in martial arts have definitely attracted more attention since UFC star Ronda Rousey became prominent in the professional sport.
‘Someone like Ronda is amazing for the sport, people like her bring it into the spotlight,’ said Ms Gluchowska.
‘Ronda is great because she is strong, tough and bad**s at the same time. People are seeing all the great possibilities and women like her are changing the mould,’ added Ms Gluchowska.

According to Ms Gluchowska who is a former gymnast, it’s hard being a women in any sport but it’s especially difficult in combat sport.
Besides women being attracted to martial arts for self defence, Ms Fraser said that Ronda Rousey’s profile in the professional sport has helped boost the reputation of women in the sport amongst men.

‘The change in the way men think is going to boost our sport more than anything ,’ Ms Fraser said.

Ms Gluchowska who also works a physiotherapist noted that martial arts sports are ‘bloody’ and not for everyone.

‘Look, even I am uncomfortable seeing people get punched in the face or pop a vessel, but injury is a part of every sport and if you can love the sport for what it is, it’s great.

‘I’ve seen more interest in the sport in Australia and for anyone who wants to have a go I say “just start.”‘