Fantastic – Female || Martial arts tribute 2k18/2018 || women empowerment || by gameroid_klaus.

Fantastic – Female || Martial arts tribute 2k18/2018 || women empowerment || by gameroid_klaus.
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Female Martial Artist Tribute and their hardworks…!


Why should girl take martial arts..?

The obvious and most important reason for a girl to get involved in the martial arts is the capacity for self-defense that she will develop. In today’s increasingly violent world, crime can strike anywhere. Women are often times the target of sex crimes and, not knowing how to defend themselves, it can scar a young girl for her entire life. Being able to know how to defend herself is an invaluable tool as she grows up, taking her skills with her to college, and it gives not only her but also her parents a feeling that at least their daughter is safe.


Martial arts give girls a safe and comfortable place to interact with the opposite sex. As girls hit their preteen and teen years, the opposite sex begins to appeal to them but often times they don’t really know how to approach guys as friends first. Since martial arts are generally male-dominated sports, girls growing up have the opportunity to interact with guys on a first hand basis several times a week and develop friendships. It teaches girls to relate with their male counterparts and it shows them that no one is invincible-they watch boys get knocked down in sparring matches and help them up. Interactions with the opposite sex at a budding age where there is no pressure to date and males are friends establishes a solid foundation for building positive male-female relationships in the future that lead to healthier dating habits. How likely is it that a black belt teenager will put up with abuse (verbal or physical) in a relationship knowing that she has the power to render someone unconscious.

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