Extreme Martial Arts Chandigarh – Girls Self Defence Demo

Extreme Martial Arts Chandigarh – Girls Self Defence Demo
Venue: Extreme Martial Arts, Guru Gobind Singh Bhawan, Sector 15 A, Chandigarh – 9216444949, 7888721512, 0172-2772949. Visit www.emafitness.com for details

A street defence techniques are being demonstrated by Ekjot Kaur.

Coach: Master B S Handa, Black Belt 6th Dan (World Taekwondo Headquarter, Kukkiwon, Korea), Founder (North Zone), Martial Arts Coach, speaker and consultant, Director, Extreme Martial Arts.

Why You Should Join Extreme Martial Arts Fitness
• Complete Fitness / Weight Loss/Gain Program
• Family fitness programs
• Ladies Fitness programs
• Self Defence and Martial Arts for all (Kids, Teens, Adults – Both Male & Females)
• Personality Development, Confidence and Positive Attitude Building
• Reducing Stress
• Activities For Kids
• Fun Games for all
• Skipping for complete fitness
• Crossfit for strength and conditioning
• Meditation for General, Martial Arts and other sports
• The Best Martial Arts Studio in Tricity to Join

Who Can Join Extreme Martial Arts
• Kids
• Girls / Ladies
• School Going
• College Going
• Beginners
• Advance
• Adults
• Corporate

Extreme Martial Arts Fitness Are Conducting
• Aikido – (Japanese Form of Hold & Locks)
• Kick Boxing (Developed from Karate, Muay Thai, Taekwondo and Western boxing)
• Krav Maga (Israel Martial Arts)
• Muay Thai (Thailand Martial Arts)
• Taekwondo (Korean Martial Arts)
• Mixed Martial Arts, Self And Street Defence
• Nunchaku, Short and Long Sticks, Tonfa, Yawara
• Even Some actions from Bruce Lee’s Martial Arts – Jeet Kune do (JKD), Kung Fu, Judo
• Olympic Style Sparring (Fighting) / Counter Attacks – Our Specialty
• Art Of Power Breaking Boards, Bricks, Tiles
• Demonstration of Martial Arts

Why Train Here at Extreme Martial Arts

The instructors at Extreme Martial Arts are among the finest in the Tricity. They are highly skilled Martial Artists and motivators. They lead by example and teach with patience and enthusiasm. All of our teachers take a personal interest in coaching every student. They are committed to helping you receive the maximum benefit from your Mixed Martial Arts training.

We love change. Apart from the regular course, we change the training schedule every month. We include different forms of exercises so that our students are always motivated to train and grow in their journey.

Now we know how to combine discipline with a friendly approach. We use praise with positive motivation both with verbal explanation and physical demonstrations. We study different teaching skills and methods and use them at our centers.

Our students find our curriculum very exciting and beneficial. We make our drills/coaching most exciting and challenging. It’s naturally progressive but not very intense. Extreme Martial Arts programs offer something for everyone: short trial periods to regular memberships. Different packages offer discounts and options for all family members.

From the moment you step in our academy, you will feel the positive atmosphere, and will meet motivated people just like you. Martial Arts promote acceptance, cooperation and mutual respect. Younger students will find positive role models, teens will meet peers with healthy habits, adults can find a mature atmosphere for training and families can enjoy classes that allow everyone to kick and stick together. You can look forward to the positive energy in your classes and will certainly get new experiences.
Our Results
• The strongest reason to make a commitment for you or your child is what they will gain from our classes.
• We offer training for a healthier body, a more focused mind and more confident and disciplined spirit.
• Your decision to enroll in our school is not merely a commitment to a membership but a commitment to developing your abilities and actualizing your potential.
• For children and adults, Martial Arts combines the best of self-defense and self-improvement. Students look and feel healthier, increase their focus and self-discipline, and gain greater self-esteem and self-confidence.
• You will see the results and you will experience greater success in your personal and professional life.

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