Casio Girls Performing Martial Arts at CES 2010 –

Casio Girls Performing Martial Arts at CES 2010 –
Got to for more great CES 2010 videos and reviews. I took this video while I was at CES 2010. It was a great marketing idea, in theory. Casio had some hot girls doing martial arts moves in short skirts, and around the perimeter of the stage, they had a raised platform that was lined with different models of their cameras.

The concept was to attract guys (and girls) with hot girls dancing around in short skirts doing martial arts moves, and then have them test out the cameras by taking pics of the girls with the cameras. In theory it was a good idea, but I didn’t see too many guys testing out the cameras. Most of them were just watching it live, or recording it with their own cameras. But it definitely got Casio a lot of attention that they would not have gotten otherwise. And I’m sure that many who attended stopped by the Casio booth.

Also, Casio did display replays of some of the girls’ martial arts moves on the plasma TV in the corner of the stage, which were taken by Casio cameras live. So even if the guys didn’t test out the cameras with the fast action going on, they could see the kind of quality Casio cameras produce on the TV.

And by the way, the girls did a great job. 😉