Best Fight Scenes: 2018

Best Fight Scenes: 2018
A compilation of my favorite fight scenes from 2018. Despite how awesome that bathroom fight was from Mission Impossible: Fallout, it was sadly copyright blocked worldwide. (as were a couple other movies). Note some of these films are from 2017 or 2016 due to their limited releases during those years either in one region or only a single theater. I thought it was only fair to feature them this year considering not as many of you would’ve had a chance to check ‘em out.

Short films featured in this video:
Colour Me Red:

Dance of the Drunken Gods:

Adorea Sword and Shield Fight:

Osu 3:

Blindsided: The Game:


The King of the Backyard:

List of movies featured in order of appearance:
(Mission Impossible: Fallout was copyright blocked worldwide)
1. Accident Man
2. On The Ropes
3. Colour Me Red (Short Film)
4. Re: Born (2016)
5. Kill Order
6. Dance of the Drunken Gods (Short Film)
7. The Night Comes For Us
8. Adorea Sword and Shield Fight (Short Film)
9. Jailbreak (2017)
10. Osu 3 (Short Film)
11. Bleach
12. Blindsided: The Game (Short Film)
13. Lady (Short Film)
14. King of the Backyard (Short Film)

Fight scenes copyright blocked worldwide:
Mission Impossible: Fallout (bathroom fight)
Upgrade (final fight)
The Brink (2017; parking lot knife fight)

Honorable Mentions:
Black Panther
Daredevil Season 3
Iron Fist Season 2
Into the Badlands Season 3
Big Brother

Movies released in 2017 or 2018 but still unavailable:
1. Triple Threat (2017)
2. Night Shooters
3. Master Z: Ip Man Legacy/Cheung Tin-Chi
5. Luc Van Tien (2017)
6. Kung Fu League
7. The Invincible Dragon