Alexandra Recchia KARATE (beautiful martial arts girl) by Girls-martial-arts

Alexandra Recchia KARATE (beautiful martial arts girl) by Girls-martial-arts
Alexandra Recchia

“My name is Alexandra, I was born on October 25, 1988 from Lyon. I have been practicing karate since I was 6 years old. I specialize in” Kumite “(fighting) from 16 years.

The beginning

Initially, my parents decided to register for Karate at CORPS Karate Club of St. Fons in the suburbs of Lyon. They want me to learn how to channel my energy and enthusiasm.

My teacher coach, Jean-Yves Martin, sent his passion for this sport. He has a very educational way, so it’s easy to love this sport.

I was immediately hooked, so much that it couldn’t be explained,
I was made for this sport, it’s my destiny!
At the age of 6 years it was quite surprising!


After six months of training, I started the competition.
I was disqualified and ran into my mother’s arms, she welcomed me: “It’s good for you, you don’t forget your word!”

After that I practiced a lot, I swore I would never lose to not feel such humiliation and no longer disappoint my parents.

My parents knew how to cultivate my mind, my hatred would be defeated since I was young.


I had my first win at the French Championship in 2002 joining the French team in 2004 and at that moment I set my goal of becoming a World Champion.
Everything was chained quickly … the first international medal in 2007, the first European title in 2008 and the first world title in 2010.

But my best victory, being the 2012 world champion from Paris Bercy. Why? Just because once on tatami I felt that nothing could stop me, I was a machine, I didn’t feel any emotion, without stress, I just thought of “cutting off” my opponents after a few others, no matter how strong they were. Competition while mastery is the happiness of any competitor. And then I can live and share this moment with my family, my friends, and 15,000 Bercy viewers, it’s GRANDIOSE!

Since that day, you have supported me more, THANK YOU! You are my strength. Victory is always collective because only one cannot reach it!

My power

I am a hard worker and strict both in sports and in my professional life. I have held Master 2 in labor law since 2013, I got my CAPA (qualification for the lawyer’s profession) in 2016 and was installed in January 2017. My week is therefore especially interspersed with dozens of professional training and file processing I became excited and left nothing to chance, never.

So here is a brief history of my life so far … I hope this allows you to get a little used to the sportsman and woman I have.

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